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Reviews for Tangledweb Creations

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Product: A4 two part mandala stencil

"Although, I prefer creating my own mandalas and getting lost in the process, this product is amazing. It is so user friendly. To start off with, you find the middle of your pages and mark it.
You then take the first stencil (circles) and start to trace the grooves, I personally used a pencil, but you can use pen if you want too. After you have completed this stage, you should have circles graduating from the centre point.Next, you take the second stencil and do exactly the same. There are 18 lines from the centre. You have also a further 18 marks for more lines if you need them.
After you have finished both processes you can begin adding zentangles or patterns to your mandala.
I love this product and can’t wait for the next one I do."

Faith, Colchester, UK. Dec 2016

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2 part mandala stencil review

"The mandala templates has enabled me to achieve the beautiful mandala designs, which I use to struggle before when I used the compass. Both circle and line templates allows me to get the circles and points just right. It's very quick and easy. Time is saved, as using the compass took me so long and would get into a mess, especially when the compass would slip!.

These templates are effective, quick and easy to use. Good sturdy plastic that wipes clean too. This allows me to spend more time on creating my art work and feel motivated to create more."
Shilpa, London UK. Jan 2017

Product: Step out Handbook

I really love this handbook for recording step-outs of my favourite tangles. The quality of the paper is excellent.
Jane, Buckinghamshire. Sept 2017

Product: Zentangle Step by Step

***** This is a wonderful book for children or even adults. There are lots of wonderful images that you can copy and tangle. It is very clearly laid out and is a very colourful book
Jane, Buckinghamshire. Sept 2017

Product: Plastic Sleeves

Hannah is the ultimate provider of Zentangle products and her personal service to the client outstanding. She was a pleasure to work with during an exchange of plastic sleeves that were mis -ordered. She made an otherwise annoying task a new adventure. Thanks, Hannah The plastic sleeves are perfect for my creative attempts.
Glenda Burnett , Agoura Hills, CA USA May 2019

Product: MDF & plastic sleeves

Just want I needed to keep my Tangles in, still need to decorate it, but that will be fun. Received very promptly and friendly service too. Will be getting some more Tiles and refills for my album. Can highly recommend the album.
Barbara Chapman, Lancashire, UK July 2019

Product: Mandala making stencils

The stencil is a great tool for beginners to understand what a Mandala layout is all about and how it looks and it even comes in handy to everyone else who wants to draw the Mandala layout quickly and with perfection. A must have tool for all Mandala enthusiasts.
@Zareensart, Chennai, India

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