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Tangledweb Creations Mandala Books

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Order now from EtsyThis hard back book has 48 pages each page showing a wide selection of tangles both official and un official tangles aimed at people over the age of 8 years old. There is a sea theme throughout the book displaying the tangles in sea themed shapes.

  • step outs' for each of the x30 tangles shown
  • teaches the basics of Zentangle


Order now from EtsyThis soft back book has 128 pages showing a 'Step by Step' for x54 official and unofficial tangles. There are x6 chapters each with a different theme showing x5 different outlines in each and x8 tangles designed to show the reader how to draw each Tangle and how to apply it inside an outline.

  • perfect gift for a beginner or for parents to use alongside their children