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Glossary of Terms


A method of creating beautiful pieces of art by using structured patterns called "Tangles". Taught by CZT's using tiles.


Structured patterns deconstructed into simple easy to follow instructions taught by a CZT to create art.


Certified Zentangle teacher. An individual who has attended a seminar taught by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas enabling them to teach the Zentangle method.


Official tiles are 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches and made from Fabriano printmaking paper. There are also Bijou, Opus and Zendala tiles.


Drawn on the tile in pencil to split the tile into different areas to tangle.


A piece of art drawn on a circular piece Fabriano card, inspired by Zentangles and similar to a mandala.


A tile or piece of art drawn entirely in one tangle.


A technique used when "tangling" to add an extra touch. For example: Sparkle, Aura, Perfs, Shading and Rounding.


A Mandala is translated from the Indian language of Sanskrit to mean "circle". Normally the artist will start from the centre and work outwards, encouraging a mediative state of mind, a "sense of calm".


Zentangle Inspired Art, is any piece of art drawn with Tangles but outside the normal sizes and shapes.