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Zentangle® Classes

For more information on Zentangle® and classes please email Hannah at and add “Zentangle” in the subject box.

What is Zentangle?

The Zentangle method was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts in America. Maria is an accomplished lettering artist and Rick had been a monk, flute player amongst other professions.

Rick and Maria explain that “Zentangle is an easy to learn, fun way to create beautiful pieces of art using structured patterns called ‘Tangles’. Theses are drawn onto small squares of paper called ‘Tiles’.

Zentangle is not a representational art form and as there are no mistakes, no right or wrong ways to Tangle, it’s suitable for all ages and abilities. Without mistakes the artist can Tangle without any stresses that can be associated with other art forms.

Learning Zentangle with a Certified Zentangle teacher ‘CZT’ who has been taught by Rick and Maria, this structured method can enable the artist to relax and draw amazing pieces of Art.

Benefits of Zentangle:-

Zentangle can help with the following:-

  • Enables focus and concentration
  • Encourages calm and confidence
  • Aids relaxation and meditation
  • Enhances creativity and Handwriting
  • Assists with Mindfulness
  • Helps to manage and disconnect from daily life and stresses
  • Can help to cope with Anxiety, depression, pain and grief


Zentangle for Beginners

Introduction to Zentangle

Zentangle for Beginners

Zentangle For Beginners

Zentangle for Intermediates

Zentangle for Intermediatess

Advanced Zentangle 

Advanced Zentangle

Zentangle Workshop

Zentangle Workshops

Zentangle 4-8 week course

Zentangle 4-8 Week Courses

Zentangle for children

Zentangle for Children

Zentangle for schools

Zentangle for Schools

Zentangle for business

Zentangle for Business


My history with Zentangle:-

I discovered Zentangle around 2011-2012 and read all I could about it online and in books. At that time there wasn’t as much information as there is today and in 2013 I decided I wanted to learn more so I found my local CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) who was around a 2hour drive away. After attending that class and discussing the benefits of becoming a CZT myself I decided to attend the seminar in the US. In 2014 I travelled to Boston to attend the Certified Zentangle Teacher course with Rick & Maria, passed, became a CZT and have been teaching ever since. I have found there to be many advantages in my own life by using the Zentangle Method. It’s a great aid for relaxation, stress management, taking 20-30 minutes out of a busy day to focus on yourself, it’s also aided with my struggles with sleep. If I find it difficult to get to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night then I pickup a Tile and Tangle until I feel able to sleep.

I have taught a wide variety of people ranging from children and adults with health conditions, to people who work at the council involved with social work to the WI ladies and also other artists, fabric designers, even a pilot. I’ve written several books on Zentangle and contributed to several other books, international projects and magazines. I teach in the U.K. Malta and around Europe and have worked on the live TV craft channel Hochanda.

I offer classes for adults and children, individuals and groups. Weekly & monthly sessions, courses, workshops. Classes can be held in my own studio in Essex, which is about 15 minutes from London Stansted Airport and can hold 4-5 students or can be offsite to cater for larger groups at schools, community centres, village halls, hospitals, charities, retirement villages and businesses.

Bespoke classes, duration, themes and more are available on request please just ask - Email add “Zentangle” in the subject box.