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Mandala Classes

For more information on Mandala Arts and classes please email Hannah at and add “Mandala” in the subject box.

What is a Mandala?:-

The word ‘Mandala’ comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit and can be translated, loosely, to mean a ‘circle’. People believe it can relate to the universe, infinity, harmony, unity, the cycle of life and wholeness.

Mandalas have been dated back as far as the 4th century and are seen in many different cultures and religions. In India the Hindus used the Mandala shapes to base their Temple designs which would be used for meditation and contemplation. The Buddhists will spend several weeks creating a Mandala made with coloured sand as a method of meditation and once complete it will by dismantled as part of a ritual tradition.

Mandalas can be found all over the world in many different forms, from shapes in nature, flowers and shells to architecture, stained glass windows and cathedrals to dream catchers.

Most Mandalas are normally made up of either a square with four ‘gates’ and a circle in the centre or concentric circles and straight lines radiating from the centre point to the largest concentric circle at regular degrees to form a grid. Together these circles and lines form a base template structure where the artist will draw different shapes, patterns, symbols and designs.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung introduced Mandalas to the western world around 1916 where he found during observation of his patients drawing Mandalas that they had a ‘calming and focusing’ effect. He believes that Mandalas can help with self discovery and spiritual health.

No two Mandalas will be the same, by varying the sizes and amount of concentric circles and positioning the straight lines at different degree points each base template can be different.

The benefits of Mandala Art:-

  • Aids Meditation & relaxation
  • Assists with stress & anxiety
  • Helps to stimulate creativity
  • Calms the mind to aid with focus
  • Healing & Therapeutic
  • Inner Peace
  • Fun activity

An Introduction to Mandalas:- 2-3 hours per class

  • The materials needed to create a Mandala.
  • Mandala terminology.
  • How to create the template or substructure.
  • How to start a Mandala. (3 methods)
  • Centres, segments, borders,
  • Shapes, patterns, symbols and designs
  • How to ‘grow’ a Mandala.
  • How to finish a Mandala.

Intermediate Mandalas:- 2-3 hours per class

  • Following on from the Introduction class a brief recap on how to start a Mandala.
  • How to add depth (& texture).
  • Using a compass & protractor to create designs.
  • Yin and Yang or Hamsa Hand shaped Mandala.

Advanced Mandalas:- 2-3 hours per class

  • Following on from the Introduction and Intermediate classes a brief recap
  • Draw a Labyrinth Mandala
  • Adding words and colour
  • Mandalas on coloured backgrounds
  • Celtic knots

4 week Mandala course:- total of 10- 12 hours

  • Covers the beginner, intermediate & advanced classes
  • Weekly/monthly themed class
  • Mixed media Mandalas
  • Themed Mandalas

Mandala Project Classes & Workshops:- 2-3 hours per class

  • Watercolour Mandalas
  • Zendalas
  • Zentangle grid Mandalas
  • Celtic Knots
  • Flower/ Seed of life
  • Snowflakes
  • Colour wheel
  • Mandala clock
  • Mixed media Mandalas
  • Mandala stones
  • Hamas hand
  • Yin and Yang
  • 3D Mandalas
  • Mini Mandala albums
  • Make a 6x6” Mandala Journal
  • Nature theme
  • Flowers
  • Mood Mandalas
  • Greeting cards
  • Henna style Mandalas
  • Collage
  • Ceramics
  • Stickers
  • Islamic Art
  • Canvas
  • And lots more coming soon

My history with Mandalas:-

I have been creative and arty since around 2000, making jewellery and cards and moved into Mandala Arts around 2011-2012 when I discovered the beauty of Mandalas and the benefits of drawing and designing them. Around the same time I discovered Zentangle and I feel they compliment each other perfectly. Both art forms have encouraged me to be more aware of myself, my surroundings and to take time out to relax, focus and be mediative and mindful.

I have taught a variety of students ranging from deputy heads to teenagers studying for their exams to other art teachers and CZT’s. Some had already been either drawing or colouring in Mandalas and some who were brand new and had never heard of Mandalas.

The classes are for adults and children, individuals and groups, weekly and monthly, courses and workshops. Classes can be held in my own studio in Essex, about 15 minutes from London Stansted Airport, which holds 4-5 students or to cater for larger groups at community centres, schools, village halls, hospitals, charities, retirement villages and businesses.

Bespoke classes, duration, themes and more are available on request please just ask.

For more information please email me at and add “Mandala” in the subject box.