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About Tangledweb Creations

Tangledweb Creations - for all your tangling needs.

After becoming a Certified Zentangle ® teacher (CZT) in 2014, I struggled to find suitable ways to store my tangles for reference and for travelling, and my completed tiles for display, so I decided to design and create a few products for my personal use that would solve this problem.

About TangledwebAfter getting a few of the "workbooks" and the "tangle tags" made, several other fellow CZT's and students approached me asking where they could purchase some of these products for use for themselves and also for their students as teaching aids in their classes.

Tangledweb Creations was born.

I went back to the manufacturers and finely tuned each product so they would be made to the highest possible standard to be offered to as an addition to CZT's and students but also for those that were unable to attend a class with a CZT. This involved a lot of "testing" to make sure that each piece of card used was suited to be used with ALL the fine liners I could find on the market to ensure that they didn't smudge, bleed or didn't become absorbed into the card. Once the correct gsm card stock was chosen, I started to look into the most suitable sizes and chose the size that would fit into most handbags and for be suitable for travelling. I then decided to widen the selection of products and designed two types of plastic sleeves that hold both the official tiles and the Bijou size and the set of two A4 mandala stencils. The mandala stencils were designed for those with dexterity issues or who travel without access to a compass and ruler or for those people who don't have the time to measure out base templates to create wonderful mandalas.

When I was approached by a fellow CZT and friend in the U.S. who holds classes with around 150 students asking to supply products to them, I decided I would offer all the Tangledweb Creations products worldwide.

I'm currently working with the best suppliers I can find to continually design and create new products to offer the tangling and mandala community.


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